how do you revu?


revu | 'ray-vu'
a form of the French word "revoir" 
meaning to see again, to meet again, to revisit

We believe that bridesmaid dresses shouldn't just be worn once, but should be seen and worn again and again! We're building the country's largest pre-loved bridesmaid dress inventory, a curated boutique space where 'maids can pass their gowns on to another bride tribe. 

Our inventory is ticketed at a flat rate cost, from 50-80% off traditional retail price. All revu dresses are purchased to own, so you can be assured of the best fit, size, and color in advance, as well as enabled to make any minor alterations that might be necessary. If you choose to participate in our revu dress return program, you will receive a partial refund for returning your revu dress on your own timeline, even with alterations! 

Our hope is to honor the hundreds of hours of labor that go into sourcing, designing, and making these dresses, by extending their lifecycle and creating the venue for them to be shared, recycled, and re-worn.