all about revu

It all began with one dress...

Eight hours into the process of altering a bridesmaid dress bodice, I was filled with frustration as I realized I had spent more time altering the gown than the amount of time it would be worn. I realized that there was no wedding-specific marketplace to rent or resell bridesmaid dresses—these costly, labor intensive pieces were worn for 10 hours then banished to backs of closets, attics, thrift store racks, or attempted to be resold one-off in hopes that the same size woman might need the same exact color of bridesmaid dress and find it on the 14th page of a traditional fashion resale site.

Where was the marketplace for this dress to be passed on and worn again?

It didn't exist. So I built it.

My hope is to honor the hundreds of hours of labor that go into sourcing, designing, and making these dresses, by extending their lifecycle and creating the venue for them to be shared, recycled, and re-worn.

meet Jasmine

As a lifelong seamstress, professional fashion designer, and ethical fashion advocate, I seek to bring innovation to the traditional fashion creation and consumption model. 

I began my career as a fashion designer in NYC, then, in a dramatic pivot, moved on to living and working in Cambodia. There, I got a peek behind the curtain of the global fashion industry, all the while deriving daily inspiration from my interactions with local entrepreneurs at the nonprofit fashion incubator where I worked as a program coordinator. 
My fashion education and industry experience, alongside my growing entrepreneurial dreams, have resulted in revu, where I hope to extend the lifecycle of traditionally once-worn bridesmaid dresses and provide women with sustainable, affordable options for bridesmaid outfitting.